First Full Day

First picture in Bratislava

After all our traveling (and a very easy flight with Austrian Air) we finally landed in Vienna. No trouble at customs. We just walked on through into Europe our welcome party was ready to pick us up.

We drove from Vienna to Bratislava and it took about an hour, which was fine because the buildings and fields looked like something out of story books. Also, just hundreds of windmills in Austria. Somehow though, I managed not to take even one picture on the drive.

We came to our apartment first. Dominique and I were so ready to relax after all the traveling, but we couldn't just yet because, we found out, we weren't actually staying at our apartment the first week. We would be staying at the dormitories.

There are as few elevators as air conditioners and we had 5 suitcases, just full. We didn't want to lug them here and there all week so we asked for a couple minutes to convert them into a suitcase just for the week.

We hadn't packed for that and everyone else was waiting in the 95° car, so we opened all the suitcases, dumped one out, and filled it with the little we needed for the week. We looked around the apartment quickly and then ran back down to the car.

Of course we slept for about 4 hours when we did get to the seminary dorms. And later we enjoyed the view from the seminary dorms as we managed our jetlag, which never got so bad.