First Walk About

We had a break in our intensive learning and walked around the city and learned a few things. Here are some pictures from the walk.

In Our Immediate Vicinity

These are some of the beautiful parts of the city that are really close (minutes close) to our apartment. We've enjoyed seeing this mix of old and new history — just look at it — and we've been learning pieces here and there. 

It's interesting to see a place that has gone through so much. Entirely different cultures have called Bratislava their home. And actually, they've all called it something different (which can sometimes be a point of contention).

There are some buildings here that are completely rundown because no one really-for-sure owns them. Instead there are 3 or 4 different families who might be able to argue their case for why it should belong to them. At some time or another these things were just taken by force by whoever took over. It's very complicated history.

Old Town

There's a part of town called Old Town which really is just that. It's a lot of cobblestone and definitely touristy, but there's a lot to see and learn about. Some of the pictures from above were taken here and here are a few more.

Malý Kostol

The pulpit at Maly Kostol where Dominique will be interning.

This is the church where Dominique will be interning. She is the intern with the Bratislava International Church

The pulpit is a little intense, but part of the reason it's towering so high is because the acoustics are fantastic. It's a natural microphone, which would have been pretty nice a few hundred years ago when the church was built.