Take a Free Business Training

Just came across Lewis Howes at his website. He’s a guy that does a lot of different stuff. Best selling author, podcaster (that’s where it all started), and now I saw on his homepage that he’s doing webinars as well.

I’ve never seen him do webinars, but he’s teaching about them. He’ll teach “how he used webinars to grow his business.”

If you’re interested, go to his website and check it out.

What I find interesting is the text he uses on the page that pops over his home page: Take a Free Business Training.

What’s clever about that is that loads of people want exactly that. It’s an offer that’s really positioned well. Today he’s teaching about webinars—tomorrow he could be teaching about marketing or sales or personnel.

It’s a page he doesn’t really have to mess with, but it seems like it would be able to convert pretty well regardless of where traffic came from.