Are You Overwhelmed?

Are you having trouble growing and reaching more people?

When you're doing real, worthwhile work in the world, keeping up with internet and marketing trends is the last thing on your mind.

Even if it was possible to keep up, you'd have to cut into your actual work too much to make the necessary changes. When people are counting on the work you do, it doesn't seem right to push off their needs in order to try some new trend that may or may not work.

But that's the paradox. You can't invest in reaching more people because you don't have the time. And you can't afford not to invest in reaching more people because your work is improving people's lives.

Distilled Studio exists to help people who help people.

If you manage to find the time, you really can do this stuff on your own. There is all kinds of good information on the web and I share a lot of it in the blog as well. Start with these tasks:

  • Simplify how your team works and communicates.
  • Optimize your website for outreach (I suggest Squarespace).
  • Make your website findable (SEO).
  • Run email marketing campaigns (try Mailchimp).
  • Use social media to make authentic connections.
  • Design anything you put out to be easy to use and easy on the eyes.

You've waited long enough. Are you ready to have a clear strategy and successfully reach more people?


If you have time:

If you're ready to do this on your own (you can—the tools I suggest are easy to use and will work for most situations), you should also check out the book How to Make Sense of Any Mess by @Abby_the_IA as a starting point.

If you don't:

If you don't have the time to invest in making a bigger dent in the universe, I'd love to learn about what you do and see if there's something I can do to help you make that investment.


My name is Max and it fires me up to help people to help more people.