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Log In

To log in at anytime, just hit the [escape] key on any page of the site to bring up a log in box. Use scott@hypnosisconnection.com to log in with the password you created.



  1. The arrow in the top left corner changes your editing/admin view from full-screen preview to side panel view.
  2. The side panel is the starting place to organize and manage your site.
  3. The site preview that takes up most of the screen is what your website looks like live — in this preview you can resize your browser window to see how your site will look at smaller and smaller screen sizes. The black box of PAGE CONTENT includes EDIT and SETTINGS which I will touch on next. 

(NOTE: We have limited control over customizing how Squarespace treats your site at low widths such as on mobile phones and tablets but they lead the industry in their treatment.)

Page Content


This allows you to edit all of the pages content. You can click on any of the text and edit it instantly. You can also click one of the teardrop shapes that appear on the left to add a new content block at that location.

The darkened teardrop and line springing from it show where a content block would be placed if you clicked and brought up the block selection pop-up.

This picture shows what that pop-up looks like after I clicked the teardrop that you can still see on the left.

You can add any content block. There are blocks for text, quotes, images, videos, audio. The blocks already on this page are text blocks and video blocks mostly. There are some summary blocks toward the bottom, but we will discuss those on Skype or over the phone when we talk more about managing the site. (More information about blocks can be found here.)



  1. Navigation Title: this shows up on the live website (however it won't for the home page). 
    • Page Title: this is the page title that shows up on your administrator side panel.
  2. Enable/Disable check box: you can temporarily disable a page you don't want displayed publicly.
  3. Description: some search engines use the content here to display below your website.
  4. URL Slug: this is the address of this particular page for example /introduction will be added to the end of hypnosisconnection.com
  5. Password: any password you input here will make the page private, so that only people with the password will be able to access the content.
  6. Cancel/Delete/Save: Cancel will undo your changes, Delete will delete the page completely, Save will make your changes live on the site.