What Small Businesses Need to Know About Social Media

There aren't a lot of people not on social media. But there are a ton of people who waste time trying to do too much. It's so frustrating for me to see great organizations who are just bombing online!

There's no quick fix. It's a mindshift change.

People worry about the wrong things when they’re trying to do online marketing.

You've got to understand a couple of the basics of how marketing online if you want to do it well. There's no substitute for understanding. You'll always be chasing your tail until you know how a little bit more about how online marketing works.

No time? This video is worth it.

We're all busy, so I wouldn't suggest this unless it was worth it. Watch this video by SEMrush (at 2x speed if you're really busy... that's what I did) and take a couple notes. Dustin (@dustinwstout) really lays out the essentials.

This webinar will equip business owners with the ideas, resources and strategy they need to form a solid social media and content marketing strategy. Check out the original post at SEMrush.

Rather Read than Watch?

Check out Dustin's write-up if you'd rather read than watch the video.