Google Translate Service with Automator


If you deal with foreign languages often (and on a Mac), you use Google Translate a lot. It's a pain to open a new browser window for every minor piece of translation, so I made this Automator Workflow that will install a new Service, accessible in the Services menu when you highlight text and right click.

It opens an independent window that you just close when you're finished. It also automatically copies whatever text you have highlighted, so you can paste it in and be on your way.

How To

  1. Download and install the .zip file
    Turn on the Service in your System Preferences (if it doesn't show up automatically)
  2. Highlight Text > Right Click > Services
    Select "Copy Text and Open Google Translate"
  3. Paste Your Text
    A window opens automatically (and not a new tab or annoying new browser window). It is set to detect the input language from whatever text you input. shown in the above example.