Getting Lost in the Details

I'm guilty of it. I could spend weeks (and have) on choosing fonts—when that ultimately was a nice-to-have, not a need. Not something that really contributed to the success or failure of a project.

What's my goal? or What is success?

I have to answer those questions for myself on every project (sometimes on every piece of a project) or I can really get in the weeds. Once I have answered those questions, and written the answers down, then I can assess what is necessary and what's not.

It's easy to get caught up in the small pieces of a project that are fun and spend way to much time there. Fun is only short-term though. After a few hours (or days) of this "fun" I usually find myself feeling exhausted because I haven't made any progress towards the big goal.

This podcast from The Web Ahead gets into some of this idea.

The Web Ahead is a great podcast with "experts on [the] changing technologies and future of the web"

What resonated with me was the idea that what's truly valuable is having the wisdom and discipline to not get caught in the details at the expense of moving forward.

This can be hard, because it's often a short-term fun, cushy place to be in the midst of a difficult or long project. It can be really hard because all my internal signals are rationalizing the little tasks as important—must-have—details, but in reality they're not. They're time wasters making me feel temporarily more competent.

I see those moments as a challenge to overcome—and I've failed the challenge a lot of times. But I get to keep trying! Here's to having fun overcoming the tendency to get stuck in the fun details.

What details do you get stuck in?

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